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Celebrate the history of women’s contributions to social justice and inspire the next generation to continue the fight.

As we look to 2023, the National Women’s Foundation is committed to preserving the Whittemore House – a rare American Craft style building at 1526 New Hampshire Ave, NW—designed by Harvey Page in 1894 and described as “an American masterpiece” by Phillip Johnson.

Named to the National Register for Historic Properties for its architectural and historical significance, the Whittemore House was built by a 19th century woman opera singer and has been a major hub of women’s political activism in DC for nearly 100 years. “WNDC: The First 100 Years” is on display through 2023.

The National Women’s Foundation is committed to sharing the stories of these women and their contributions across the decades. Thanks to a generous Save America’s Treasures grant from the National Park Service, we will be able to carry out a program to repair and restore the house’s undulating slate roof, copper oriel bay window, windows, and gutters. To do so, we need to match the $313,000 grant, one to one.

The years are not kind to old buildings. You are a vital partner in helping us preserve the Whittemore House and its vibrant history. Every matching dollar will be doubled!Please consider a generous year-end gift to National Women’s Foundation.